The Boy Jones

You're The Best Part About This Simulation

Taken from his self-titled debut EP, “Give It Heart” is one of his more soulful and uplifting tunes, a bare-bones folk number about perseverance and self-reliance in the face of life’s cold impermanence and unyielding uncertainty. The Boy Jones handles his duties admirably, singing with quiet confidence and warm-blooded conviction in a style that’s both plaintive and confessional.
“Love Will F@#k You Up,” taken off The Boy Jones’ self-titled debut EP, needs nothing more than an acoustic guitar, harmonica, and Hunter’s signature gritty voice to get its point across. Hunter sounds well at home within the realms of Americana and really shows off his chops as a songwriter.
This guy has a way about him
— The Houston Xandorb
There are now more musicians than ever trying to get their music heard. Oddly enough, it seems the number of musicians doing it simply for the love of music is shrinking. The Boy Jones is an artist who is undoubtedly in love with his craft. With self referential lyrics and a style echoing the days of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, The Boy Jones is a breath of fresh air in the music of today.
— Amplify
By far the hottest DJ in town
— - Todd Ok Ok, Birmingham, AL

Artwork by Bethany E Gill